Organization of the Institute

The institute of systems science in Huaqiao University has been established in April, 2016, affiliated to the College of Info Science and Engineering of Huaqiao University, and has become a founding member in the Complex Systesm Digital Campus University Twinning project of UNESCO.

Members of the institute constituted of people from diversed displines as Theoretical Physics, Optics, Photonics, Applied Mathematics and System Biology. With the main approach from Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics, the research of the institute endeavours to integrate the diversed knowledge systematically and enhance interdiscipline effort in the development of systems theory and its application.

The institute is located in Campus Amoi of the Huaqiao University with high-performance network and computing infrastructure.


Members of the Institute

The institute of systems science is led by Professor and Minjiang Scholar ZHENG, Zhigang, and the faculty consisted of multiple professors, associate professors, and lecturers.

Detailed descriptions and methods of contact could be found in the following table and links.

Professors Name Position Details Room Email Address
ZHENG, Zhigang 郑志刚 Head of the Institute B430
ABE, Sumiyoshi 阿部純義 B432
LIN, Bihong 林比宏
LIN, Qing 林青
Associate Professors
OU, Congjie 欧聪杰
CHEN, Hongbin 陈宏斌 Director in hardware management
TANG, Longkun 汤龙坤
FU, Haixiang 付海翔
WEN, Zhenshu 温振庶
ZHAI, Yun 翟云
HUANG, Zhifu 黄志福 B350
WANG, Dongshu 汪东树
CHEN, Ziyang 陈子阳
ZENG, Mingying 曾明颖
LIU, Modan 刘墨丹 Web & HPC administrator B430