Publication archive

Here you could find a list of recent publications with descending date of the institute.
  • Publication: Order parameter analysis for low-dimensional behaviors of coupled phase-oscillators
  • Publication: The enhancement of current and efficiency in feedback coupled Brownian ratchets
  • Publication: Hopf bifurcation control of the M-L neuron model with type I
  • Publication: Ratchet motion and current reversal of coupled Brownian motors in pulsating symmetric potentials
  • Publication: Collective dynamics of identical phase oscillators with high-order coupling
  • Publication: Effects of frustration on explosive synchronization
  • Publication:Predicting the phonon spectra of coupled nonlinear chains using effective phonon theory
  • Publication: Minimum-action paths for wave-number selection in nonequilibrium systems
  • Publication: Chimera states in spatiotemporal systems: Theory and Applications
  • ublication: Depicting network structures from variable data produced by unknown colored-noise driven dynamics
  • Publication:Enhanced energy transport owing to nonlinear interface interaction
  • Publication: Interface-facilitated energy transport in coupled Frenkel-Kontorova chains