The experimental physicist Prof. Xiao from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications offers a talk on physics research and education.

In his teaching and research, Prof. Xiao has been inspired and achieved much from working with undergraduates. When and where students make mistakes in routine physics experiment classes, nontrivial outcomes may reveal interesting and complex behaviours. By digging more into seemingly errors for mechanism hidden behind, a great number of topics would later prove profound and cutting-edge in research.

Together with his undergraduate students, Prof. Xiao has in recent year published a number of work starting from such deviation from routine experiments, an extensive design on chaotic pendulum, synchronization of metronomes that exhibiting in-phase and anti-phase locking, and phase synchronization of bundled candles are among the daily, accessible, however rich and interesting topics. To combine teaching and representing classical physics experiments in class, the old scenarios shed new light when we approach with new models, new experiments, and new simulations. In such process the undergraduates find themselves embedded immediately in research along with established physicists, and years of experience show that the education could be very successful.