Institute of Systems Science in Huaqiao University has become founder member of Complex Systems Digital Campus Unitwin of UNESCO.

The University Twinning and Networking programme of UNESCO has been a programme that promotes international inter-university cooperation and networking for knowledge sharing and coolaborative research since 1992. And Complex Systems Digital Campus, or CS-DC is an international network within the Unitwin framework.

The idea os CS-DC has been to combine integrative and predictive sciences and complex systems science, both in scientific research and applications in understanding and utilizing inter-and-trans-disciplinary science and technology. Computer networking, or more generally cyber-science play an important role in helping us understand, re-establishing models and simulations of such systems. The complex systesm digital campus programme aims at bridging the gap between various scientific disciplines, and the gap between science and engineering.

Huaqiao University has been the first few members in China to join in such collective effort.